Meyer Architecture is in the process of completing its design for a 10,500 s.f. corporate office complex in Beverly Hills.  The renovation plans to unify a group of five industrial masonry structures built in disparate architectural styles in the 1930’s and 40’s.  To screen out traffic on an adjacent street, the design sets the complex atop a landscaped platform lined with fountains and a row of Palo Verde trees.  Stripped of ornamentation and integrated with a quiet palette, the once chaotic façade now reveals simple, rectangular forms reminiscent of Irving Gill.

Each of the original buildings with its unique aspects has been integrated to meet the client’s specifications, including a domed private gym with regulation-sized boxing ring, a bow-truss executive office suite with arched 17-foot ceilings, and a private dining room with gourmet kitchen.  Natural light brings drama into the interior through a glass encased entry with saw-tooth clerestory glazing, clustered skylights, glass walls, and a range of glazing materials, including white laminated and ribbed period glass to create a variety of natural lighting conditions.

This project is slated for completion in August 2006.


Meyer Arch

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