Pam Holds Strategic Planning Meeting for ASID/LA

Strategic Planning Meeting No. 2

“A leader is someone who believes in you and gets you to believe in yourself.”

March 11, 2011

Members Confirmed to Attend:
Sybil J. Barrido, ASID, Deborah Davis, ASID, Fernando Diaz, ASID, Katherine Fern, ASID, Sheryl Fleischer, ASID, Charrisse Johnston, ASID, Pamela H. Meyer, ASID , Victoria Reitz, ASID, Deric Schmidt, Allied Member, Joana Sguario, Allied Member, Kay Wade, Industry Partner, .
“Turning Disappointment into Joy: From Service Dog to Surfice Dog”
Can we let go of what we want and allow ASID/LA become what it wants to be?
The Value of Design
Why be a Part of ASID? ASID TX
“Everyone who is here today is what I believe is a leader. You are all passionate about ASID and our members. The question is why? Why do we all care so much about ASID and our profession?
I believe as interior designers we change people’s lives and make the world a better place. We chose this profession because we care about people. We care enough to devote our lives to making people’s lives better through the built environment.
Each of you has touched my life. Some of you have served on the board with me; each of you has reached out to me in one way or another. Today I am reaching out to you and letting you know that I believe that your participation in ASID has made it a better organization and has changed our member’s lives. I thank you for joining me today and in the year to come.
Our Strategic Plan is our roadmap to achieving our goals. Our vision, mission, and core values are the guideposts for all of our initiatives. All strategic planning deals with at least one of three key questions: What do we do? For whom do we do it? And how do we excel?”

Meyer Architecture Historic Renovation Published as Home of the Month

Walter Meyer, AIA, and Meyer Architecture have been noted for their renovation and historic preservation of the original Armand Hammer residence located in Holmby Hills in publications Bel-Air View, Beverly Hills 90210, Brentwood News, Malibu Beach, Other Westside, Palisades 90272, and Santa Monica Sun. The property, honored as “Home of the Month,” and originally built by noted architect W.F. Ruck in 1936, was selected for its rich history while Meyer Architecture has been commended for its careful preservation of the estate’s original design and character while adding a 3,500 s.f. addition.

Walter Meyer Selected to Sit on Beverly Hills Architectural Commission

Walter Meyer, AIA, principal and co-founder of Meyer Architecture, has been chosen to serve as the sole architect of the seven-member Beverly Hills Architectural Commission, which is appointed by the City Council to make decisions regarding the aesthetics of development on all commercial and multi-family residential projects in the City.  The Commission serves as an advisory body to the City Council regarding the preservation of historic and cultural landmarks in the City, building design, and signage issues.  Walter will bring to the Commission his 30 years experience as an architect as well as his years of service as a former Planning Commissioner on the Community Action Planning Commission of the Los Angeles Third Council District from 2000 to 2002.

Meyer Architecture Begins Site Design for Culver City Industrial Facility

Meyer Architecture will bring to the table its extensive commercial design experience as the firm begins the site design of a Culver City industrial complex for Spartan Supply Company.  The proposed development will include 7,500 s.f. of Executive Office / Showroom Space and a 10,000 s.f. Storage Facility set on 2-acres.  The project is slated for completion in 2007.

Pamela Meyer Recognized By Benjamin Moore

Due to her extensive experience in corporate space planning and interior design, Pamela H. Meyer, ASID, CID, principal and co-founder of Meyer Architecture, has been invited to sit on Benjamin Moore’s Commercial Design Advisory Council of North America for 2006, which is comprised of only 10 design leaders across the US and Canada who represent diversity in the region’s commercial interior design industry.  Commended by the selection committee for her “designs aimed at the improvement of lives through their environment,” Pamela will be involved in forecasting color trends for Benjamin Moore as well as in strategic planning for the company’s education and design programming throughout the year.  Benjamin Moore’s first strategic planning meeting will take place this summer in New York City.

Meyer Architecture Renovates, Expands Historic Neo-Georgian Estate

Meyer Architecture has completed the renovation and expansion of an historic Neo-Georgian Estate in Beverly Hills.  The 14,500 s.f. residence, which was taken down to its studs, bespeaks quiet refinement and includes formal gardens and outbuildings, each detail of which contributes to the property’s overall elegance.

Meyer Architecture has opened up the interior spaces, admitting an abundance of natural light and increasing the square footage by over 4,000, an addition so seamless it is virtually impossible to distinguish new construction from old.  To insure accurate historic styling, Meyer Architecture book-matched marble in Italy to specifications captured in digital photos of the original slabs.  Utilizing molds made of original period hardware, new pieces were replicated and then nickel-plated for an elegant effect.  Intricate moldings, detailed ceilings, and ornamental wall elements shape spaces with a subtlety and grace that epitomizes Meyer Architecture’s historic renovation work.

In the expansive gardens, mature Sycamore trees and a lush palette of plant materials were chosen to ensure privacy and compliment the architecture.

Meyer Architecture Completes Interior Design of Medical Corporate Offices in New Jersey

Working cross-country and with high-pressured turnaround, Meyer Architecture has completed a 5,000 s.f. corporate office in a New Jersey Office Park.  Meyer Architecture’s services, included programming, space planning, furniture, and equipment, budgets and selection, workstation layouts, color and finish materials palettes, and the selection, purchasing,  framing, and installation of 45 pieces of original artwork.

Meyer Architecture Renovates Mid-Century Modern Office Building for New Headquarters

Meyer Architecture has recently renovated and restored a mid-century modern two-story garden office building in West Los Angeles for its own architecture and interior design firm and have coined it a “Creative Arts Building.”  Meyer Architecture’s vision was to develop a creative environment that would inspire a variety of design firms and also nourish a sense of community.  The building was taken down to its studs and re-built to accommodate the electrical demands of 21st century technology, including security systems, DSL, data ports, and telephone lines, all of which are integrated out of sight while protecting the visual integrity of the building.  The modern post and beam architecture has been left exposed and is celebrated with reveals and lease configurations that do not violate the structural beams. Japanese-influenced landscaping, with a wall of bamboo and Mayten trees lifted by crane into the inner courtyard, inspires the building’s creative community daily.  The parkway at street level has been newly landscaped and includes ambient night lighting.

Meyer Architecture Renovates Beverly Hills Corporate Headquarters

Meyer Architecture is in the process of completing its design for a 10,500 s.f. corporate office complex in Beverly Hills.  The renovation plans to unify a group of five industrial masonry structures built in disparate architectural styles in the 1930’s and 40’s.  To screen out traffic on an adjacent street, the design sets the complex atop a landscaped platform lined with fountains and a row of Palo Verde trees.  Stripped of ornamentation and integrated with a quiet palette, the once chaotic façade now reveals simple, rectangular forms reminiscent of Irving Gill.

Each of the original buildings with its unique aspects has been integrated to meet the client’s specifications, including a domed private gym with regulation-sized boxing ring, a bow-truss executive office suite with arched 17-foot ceilings, and a private dining room with gourmet kitchen.  Natural light brings drama into the interior through a glass encased entry with saw-tooth clerestory glazing, clustered skylights, glass walls, and a range of glazing materials, including white laminated and ribbed period glass to create a variety of natural lighting conditions.

This project is slated for completion in August 2006.

Meyer Architecture Renovates Malibu Beach House

Meyer Architecture has completed its extensive renovation of a Malibu Beach House, including not only interior and exterior architecture but also a total landscape redesign.  Set on a spectacular Malibu bluff, the 6,500 s.f. home was fractured by arbitrary, angular built-in elements.  Meyer Architecture’s design is serene, balanced, and purposeful, introducing order and integration with the new dramatic landscaping.  By eliminating a number of superfluous interior walls, Meyer opened up the space, creating 270-degree views in the main living and dining areas, resulting in a sense of transparency throughout.

Outside, the color palette has been substantially lightened and new outdoor areas  are developed. The swimming pool has been nestled into a curved wall at the rear, with its dramatic shape and waterfall the focus of a new entertainment area.  The shape resembles the contour of the bay and the waterfall is a metaphor of the ocean’s arched waves.  Trees are strategically sited with Olives flanking the front door, a large Brazilian Pepper centers the entry plaza, and specimen Corals providing bright accents to key transitions.