Who We Are

We deliver large firm professionalism in an intimate setting: our team of architects, interior designers and specialists is committed to design excellence and client satisfaction.  Founded in 1993 by A.I.A. architect Walter B. Meyer and A.S.I.D, C.I.D interior designer Pamela H. Meyer, Meyer Architecture offers a balance of strengths in the design, technology and management of corporate, commercial and residential projects.

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Walter Meyer

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Pamela Meyer


Our Process


The client is key to the Meyer Architecture philosophy. The architect/client relationship is a partnership.  Together, we develop your project to reflect your needs, wishes and way of life, while also paying special attention to the soul of your structure.

We begin by getting to know you, your needs, preferences, ways of living and working.  Following a thorough analysis of your site, relevant codes and property feasibility, costs are projected, and a work plan is developed.  This becomes the template that we monitor constantly, keeping you up-to-date on budget and schedule.01


Our team is highly skilled, and well rounded with a balance of strengths in design, technology, and management. The architectural process is dynamic, changing with each client and project.  At Meyer Architecture, we tailor our teams to your exact needs.  Led by a firm principal, once a team is established, it doesn’t change.02


Our goal is to create timeless, enduring architecture.  Integrating the dynamics of natural light with a project’s site, views and program, we develop a design of seamless continuity that maintains integrity at every level, from the initial concept to the final doorknob.

We believe in maintaining a personal relationship with our clients, and in developing an interactive process in which the client is an integral partner of the team. By working with our clients this way our projects successfully meet our clients’ aesthetic criteria, functional needs, budget, and schedule.03


We prepare and submit documents to government agencies on your behalf and supervise the work of engineers, technical consultants and specialists.

Meyer Architecture speaks the language of construction.  We begin to consider the mechanics of construction during the design phase and our detailed construction drawings insure an effective building process with fewer questions and costly change orders.  We assist in procuring contractors and review all construction contracts and invoicing.  Contractors recommend Meyer Architecture to their clients. During construction, we oversee the progress and quality of work and report to you regularly.

While we work closely with landscape designers, it is not unusual for our firm to design a project entirely in-house—architecture, landscapes and interiors.  Coordinating all the elements of your design expedites a prompt and efficient move-in process.04


We believe in responsible architecture. Our first responsibility is to your budget, schedule and space needs.  Responsibility also entails environmental consciousness, energy efficiency and sensitivity to neighborhood milieu.05


We are on-site until every detail is complete, from moldings to wall finishes, lighting design to appliance installation.  We feel gratified as the life of a building begins, when clients delight in their improved surroundings.  Beyond our ability to meet aesthetic criteria, functional needs and budgets, the fulfillment of their dreams is why clients return repeatedly to Meyer Architecture.06



We prepare and submit site plans, studies and renderings to government agencies on your behalf.


We develop a design of seamless continuity that maintains integrity at every level.


Working closely with each client, to choose fabrics, furniture and decor, we create spaces that reflect each clients individual vision.


3D renderings of our designs, with a complete set of architectural plans, create excellent ready to build development opportunities.

Let`s Work Together